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expectations vs. reality

saw the nutella fudge recipe on tumblr and decide to make a batch today! I didn’t realize how much sugar was in the recipe until half way through mixing my ingredients! the recipe calls for like 2.5 cups of brown sugar. 2.5-3.5 cups of powder sugar, a stick of butter, a cup of nutella and other stuff! its basically mixing sugar with sugar and butter! definitely not good for the body but good for the soul! 

i made this in kind of a rush because i needed to get ready for work so i wasn’t able to do it as well as i could have! if you decide to make it, you should definitely shift the powder sugar! i didn’t do that and i ended up with white clumps in my fudge (those are the white spots you see)! i would also try alternatives to the recipe…i think it calls for TOO much sugar! the powder sugar is definitely important bc that is how you get it to a thick consistency. 

overall, it taste like nutella fudge! but i can only eat one square every like 5 hours…lol. i think i will dust it with dark cocoa powder and mix in almonds to make it less sweet! hopefully that will make it better! 

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Posted on August 28th at 12:49 AM
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  1. subwayh3ro said: send me some. this is not a request.
  2. helloimxtine said: the almonds sound delicious! :)
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